Public Education Passion

About Our Passion for Public Education

 A Little Simple Founder Teresa Saputo is dedicated to funding public education because of her own experience attending NYC public schools. In Queens, where Teresa grew up, students were bussed in from all neighborhoods, creating a diverse mix of students in each class. "The exposure to different cultures and points of view was a gift for everyone. I donate 10% of my net proceeds to public schools because the education that happens there isn't just about book learning. It's about learning how to understand and get along with a wide array of people, which is our best hope for peace." 

A Little Peace supports schools at the classroom levels via nonprofits such as The Fund for Public Schools in NYC and the national website Donors Choose.

Through the Fund for Public Schools, A Little Peace has supported the Library REACH Program. "I chose to fund the library program because kids who are excited and empowered to read a wide array of books will never stop learning," Teresa says. Through DonorsChoose, she has helped fund an art gallery in a Bridgeport, CT school with a high poverty rate, and buy a document camera for a sixth grade class in Washington, DC where a full 40% of the children are enrolled in special education.

It's an honor to be able to support the important work these organizations do through our jewelry designs. We donate ten percent of our net proceeds directly to these organizations each quarter.

Education = Tolerance = Peace